In this year,Aromamaterials and technology development laboratorymade two presentations as below.
“Analysis of volatile components derived from pear fruits and hexanediols”
“Aroma component in Meyer lemon peel essential oil”
We received the “Best Presentation Award” in the study of Meyer Lemon.

Meyer lemon is a kind of lemon made by natural mating with Orange,
In this study,we chose ripe lemons, “Kikuchi lemon” produced at Hachijojima.

This’’ Kikuchi lemon’’was subject to research,because it is an rare variety that is produced only in some areas and it contained unknown ingredients which do not include in other Meyer lemon.

We are also providinginformations to Hachijojima’s people who supplied lemon as aroma materials and conduct activities to contribute to society through research results.

Next time,the 62 th TEAC is scheduled to be held at Nagasaki University.

Arom materials • technology development laboratory is dedicating to research daily
to provide richness and moisture to people’s lives through flavor & fragrance.



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