Our classes were held as following 4 schools.

[Kitakawachisatsukigaoka Senior High School Of Osaka Prefecture]
[Shintatsumi Junior High School Of Osaka Municipal]
[Nishinomiyakoei Senior High School]
[Asahi Senior High School Of Osaka Prefecture]
(Visited order)

We support that those classes encourage students to get used to “working value and working view”.
The employees of SHIONO KORYO holds the classes as a teacher.

The theme of the class is “workwhich creates scent”.

“Manufacturing flavors and selling flavor” is not so familiar to us in general.
It is also valuable for us to let you know that existence of company which provides flavors and fragrance.

The classes are introduced in our company’s Facebook.
We are pleased that you see our site.



* The display of the name of school, the publication of the image are doing a posting, getting a permission.

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