Citrus Flavors

  • Low temperature extractionLemon, grapefruit, orange

    A method to extract subtle aromas from the essential oils of citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges by eliminating unnecessary compounds under low temperatures. This method makes it possible to obtain zesty, water soluble flavorings with subtle top notes.

  • Falling film distillation / molecular distillationLemon, grapefruit, orange

    A method that causes the substances to form a thin film within a vacuum and distills them, and enables to fractionate with small thermal damage. It enables the concentration and isolation of fresh aroma compounds. Molecular distillation enables the distillation of compounds with higher boiling points.

Fruit Flavors

Other Flavors

  • Liquor flavors

    We are assembling a rich variety of flavors from all kinds of fruit wines, spirits, liqueurs, and brewed liquors. In particular, we are working to develop beer flavors using natural ingredients and functional flavors for use in alcoholic beverages.

Functional Flavors