Based on our corporate philosophy, we contribute to the sustainable development of society and global environment.
We also strive for compliance and sincerely make efforts for the safe and reliable society.
Every employee understands CSR and takes responsibility for behaviors.

CSR Principles

Based on our corporate philosophy and CSR policy

Theme Subject Guidelines (Activities, Proclamations, Standards)
Organizational governance
Action for achieving the corporate philosophy and vision
Compliance with laws
Compliance with the company regulations
We pursue the corporate philosophy and seek to achieve its vision.
We comply with laws and proceed fair corporate activities.
We comply the company regulations and proceed sound corporate activities.
Contribution to society through our core business
Gaining trust of all stakeholders
We produce products and sevices based on customer needs.
We establish trust between customers and aim to develop together with sincere behavior and proper disclosure of information.
Human rights
Avoidance of complicity
Discrimination and vulnerable groups
We do not implicate in a human rights abuses that another company, government, individual or other group is causing, also not gain any unfair profit thereby.
We do not allow any discrimination to all human beings, and are aware of equal opportunities and human rights of vulnerable groups.
We respect human rights and follow international laws and regulations to become a company that international society relies on.
Labor practices
Social interaction
Industrial health and safety
Cooperation of employees and a corporate culture of enhancing emloyee performance
We strive to improve both the company and employees.
We provide a safe and vibrant workplace.
We create a corporate culture that all employees help each other as a member of company and develop their potential and talent.
The environment
Prevention of pollution
Sustainable resource use
Climate change mitigation and adaptation
Protection of the environment, biodiversity and restoration of natural habitats
We prevent from environmental pollution by keep managing the environment management system.
We use natural resources such as energy, materials, and water more efficiently.
We contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by the climate change.
We protect natural environment and ecosystem.
Fair operating practices
Understanding and cooperation of shareholders and financial institutions (Free and fair competition)
Consumer data protection and privacy
Responsible political involvement
No deal with anti-social forces
Promoting social responsibility in the value chain
Respect for property rights
We do not allow any transactions made for personal gain or benefit, and establish understanding and support between stakeholders.
We properly treat all personal, customer, and company information.
We maintain appropriate relationships with people involved in political bodies and government agencies and prohibit bribe acceptance.
We ban any relationships woth anti-social forces.
We require all stakeholders to fulfill social responsibilities.
We respect property rights of others, and protect our property rights.
Consumer issues
Fair marketing, factual and unbiased information, and fair contractual practices
Sustainable consumption
We maintain and improve the quality of our products by the proper management of quality management system.
We provide safe and vibrant products and services to all customers by keep using the food safety mangement system.
Commnuity involvement and development
Social dialogue (Community involvement)
Education and culture
Social investment
We aim to coexist with local communities through supporting their development and cultural activities.
We promote social dialogue.
We promote cultures that are nurtured through fragrance and flavor.
We strive to invest on improving the quality of life in local community and developing the infrastructure for disaster prevention.

Organization for Promoting CSR

Shiono Koryo's Efforts

  • Solar power

    As part of our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, we adopted a solar power system in spring 2013. 99 290-W solar panels installed on the roof of the Factory 18 building are capable of generating up to 27 kW of power and are used as a supplementary source of power. We have achieved a CO2 reduction of 28,185.3 kg/year (the equivalent of 72.3 10-m tall camphor trees).

  • Odor reduction

    Since our Osaka factory is surrounded by apartments and residential areas, odor reduction measures are an indispensible part of our consideration for our neighbors. In each of our factory facilities, we have installed deodorization equipment to target the appropriate odor types and concentrate and eliminate the odor-causing agents inside the factory before releasing the air to the outside.
    In addition, as a health and safety-related activity, we conduct odor patrols in the surrounding neighborhoods twice per week in order to confirm the effectiveness of our odor reduction measures in the community.

  • Food recycling loop

    The “Food Recycling Loop” is a local sustainability model that is part of the efforts set forth in our Recycling Business Plan and is based on the Food Recycling Law. As part of our ISO 14001 efforts, we established this “Food Recycling Loop” in 2015. By recycling food extract residue used in our manufacturing processes as food waste for recycling, we hope to raise environmental awareness among our own employees while contributing to a more sustainable community.

  • Participation in local events

    Starting in 2013, we have been participating in the “Yodogawa Festival,” an arts-and-crafts event for children held in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka.
    In the “Fragrance Corner,” we introduce familiar fragrances in order to give children a small amount of insight into the world of fragrances.

  • Educational workshops

    As a member of the Kansai Career Educational Support Council, we offer educational workshops upon request for elementary and middle school students.
    Educating students on the roles played by fragrances in our everyday lives, we also allow them to experience a variety of less-common fragrances, giving them a taste of the challenge and reward in the world of fragrance creation.

Shiono Koryo Kaisha, Ltd.’s Quality Policy

Quality Policy

In order to comply with the law and to safe and high-quality products that will satisfy our customers, we maintain valid quality management systems and work to continuously improve them.

Food Safety Policy

We shall contribute to society by providing safe products that satisfy our customers.
We shall build and maintain food quality management systems and work to continuously improve them.
We shall comply with laws and regulations and with requests from our customers. In addition, we shall require legal and regulatory compliance from our suppliers.
We shall educate all our employees on our food safety policy.
We shall engage in smooth communication and respond appropriately to any and all matters related to our food safety.
In order to succeed in our food safety policy, we shall set goals for food safety and regularly review them.

Shiono Koryo Kaisha, Ltd.’s Environmental Policy

Environmental Idea

SHIONO KORYO KAISHA, LTD. deeply recognizes importance of environmental protection. We contribute to area, maintenance of global environment and improvement through our business activity.

Environmental Policy

We implement an environmental management system and maintain it through our business activity.
We recognize an environmental influence by our business activity, make an effort to improve environmental management system continuously for improvement of environmental performance, prevent environmental pollution.
We comply with environmental regulation, ordinance and things we have agreed.
We reconsider with following improved activity and management review due to improvement of environmental protection.
Development and offer of products considered to environment.
Protection of the biodiversity and ecosystem.
Reduction of energy consumption.
Promotion of saving resource and recycling.
Reduction of disposing entrusted waste.
Proper management of chemicals.
We improve environmental consciousness by letting our all employees recognize about contents of the environment policy through education and training.
We announce this policy to other companies, also.

Shiono Koryo Kaisha, Ltd.’s HALAL Policy

We respect the Islamic culture and faith, and promise to produce and sell Halal products that have been certified by Halal certification body. We will support the healthy and cultural diet by continuously providing Halal products that fit demands of Muslims.